Allison Sky


Model and fashionista Allison Sky brings out her most sensual aspects with a charm that never fails to impress. Based in Hollywood, California, Allison Sky is now venturing on to the other side of the fashion world as a celebrity fashion designer. Represented by For the Stars Fashion House on the famous Melrose Avenue, Miss Sky is looking forward to debuting her first collection at the Peterson Automobile Museum this upcoming Spring of 2021. She has shared ample details about herself and her dreams on several radio shows which reveal her future ambitions.

 “My mother, who is also a fashion designer, has always been a big influence on me. She taught me how to sew and design. While living in Bali, I decided to venture into fashion and design as a career, and founded my fashion line, Boho Boujiee.” Allison shared in her latest interview.

Boho Boujiee is a combination of glitzy and bohemian couture. featuring women’s apparel and accessories.



Boho Boujiee ♥ For the Stars

7558 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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